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Learn more about our revolutionary high-performance mixer KoMoMix +

Our revolutionary KoMoMix + is finally here!

Do kitchen appliances always have to look boring and be built of plastic and metal? No! We took a radically different approach and, with the KoMoMix +, we designed a beautiful high-performance mixer that brings in some revolutionary features.

We revolutionized the blender.

We didn’t want to just build the next blender, which has the same amount of power as others, but is cheaper. We wanted to create something extraordinary, and we believe that we really succeeded with the KoMoMix +!

We have taken a radically different approach and, with the KoMoMix +, have designed a beautiful high-performance mixer that brings in some revolutionary features, such as a case made of beech wood instead of plastic. Or the detachable handle of cork. Every single part in the KoMoMix + we carefully selected, developed every little detail for years – until we were 100% satisfied. We didn’t just want to build the next powerful blender, we wanted to create something extraordinary, innovative. We think we succeeded with the KoMoMix +. A beautiful blender in 6 colours, which also radiates from the inside in view of the extremely high-quality components. And it is made fairly and environmentally friendly in Austria – not in low-wage factories in the Far East. There has not (probably) been anything like this yet!

The KoMoMix + is extremely easy to use with the “One Touch” knob. No complicated programs that no one uses anyway. Plus, it’s super easy to clean, because that’s important, too. The cork handle and also the 8-fold cutting knife (with two ball bearings) can be removed – so the container can be put into the dishwasher. In addition, the KoMoMix + is also exemplary in terms of safety: The container must be equipped, otherwise nothing will run at all. And he has suction cups for a safe stand. The tamper is so rounded that it harmonizes perfectly with the curvature of the container – we really thought a lot about every little thing, so that we and you have fun with the device for a long time.

So the KoMoMix + is exceptional in every way. It combines a beautiful design in 6 colours with super-easy operation, a lot of power and the highest build quality. We find this revolutionary – and we are also a little proud of our KoMoMix +.


  • Made in Austria, fair and sustainable
  • Fantastic design, in 6 colours
  • Plenty of power with 1,400 watts (= 1.9 hp) and 30,000 U/Min, minimum speed 1750 U/Min
  • Unique beech case sealed with acid-resistant, food-grade lacquer
  • BPA-free Tritan container
  • Removable 8-fold cutting knife with two ball bearings
  • Highest quality and longevity
  • Super easy to use with the one-touch button, integrated pulse function
  • Capacity of the container: 1.7 litres
  • Super easy to clean through removable cork handle and removable knife
  • Extremely good value for money
  • 3 years of development, completely redeveloped

A few impressions of the KoMoMix +

You want to know more? Yes!

The details are crucial!

The first reaction to the device is always pure enthusiasm about the great look. It’s a little like when Apple’s colorful iMac turned the PC world upside down. The KoMoMix + is a device that you don’t want to hide in the cupboard, because it is beautiful, and can be bought in 6 poppy trend colors – individually tailored to your personal favorite colors and the kitchen. Even in the “one-touch knob,” you can find the respective color.

The corpus itself not only has a beautiful wooden look – it is actually made of wood, and it is made of beech full wood. The kitchen hasn’t seen such a beautiful blender yet! But the best thing is: Even behind the beautiful façade it doesn’t get ugly, because the inner values of the device also convince all along the line.

When KoMo had the previous model to the KoMoMix + in Korea manufactured a few years ago, there were always problems: Parts are worn out too quickly, the devices had defects too often. The reaction from producers in Korea was shocking: “That’s wonderful after all, so people keep buying a new device!” But this completely contradicts KoMo’s corporate philosophy: The Austrian family-owned company simply refuses to sell low-quality equipment to its customers. We would much rather we want to convince people with the devices in such a way that they recommend them without restriction.

For this reason, the new KoMoMix + is now manufactured directly in Tyrol, in its own production facility, with full control over each production step and every part used. Technical weaknesses, as well as weaknesses in handling, have been carefully analysed in recent years and improved until 100% satisfied. And that’s exactly why the KoMoMix + is an absolutely sophisticated device at the highest technical level, combining maximum performance and maximum longevity.

Every little element – outside and inside – was closely scrutinized and optimized until all employees were completely satisfied with the result. This has been a long and time-consuming process, but all of them are now 100% behind the final product. Especially with devices that are used on a daily basis, it is also, or especially, the details that make the difference. After years of development, the KoMoMix + is absolutely mature, in terms of technology, but also in terms of handling.

Producing in Asia is cheap, so manufacturers bring greater profit margins. No wonder that almost everyone in the mixer industry also have almost all of them manufactured in Asia. At the same time, however, this often means accepting losses in the quality of the processing and in the environmental friendliness of the materials used – in addition to low remuneration for the factory workers on site.

The KoMoMix +, on the other hand, is manufactured by KoMo in Tyrol using materials that come almost entirely from a radius of only a few hundred kilometres. The beech wood used for the corpus, for example, comes from Austria and Bavaria and, of course, from sustainable forestry. The topic of environmentally friendly manufacturing is very important at KoMo. Sustainability in all directions is KoMo’s corporate philosophy – not profit maximization at all costs! The company believes buyers also appreciate this.

To find even more selling points for the rapidly growing blender offering, most devices have now been equipped with extra features, such as the ability to select different automatic programs: One for smoothies, one for Hot soups, another for making ice cream, one for cleaning etc. This sounds like a useful additional function, but experience shows that hardly anyone actually uses these programs. Instead, many users resent the increasingly complicated handling. But if it becomes too cumbersome or complicated, you lose the desire for daily use.

The KoMoMix + goes a different way here than most competitors: There are no automatic programs, not umpteen switches and buttons, the functions of which you have to learn. There is only one one touch knob that continuously controls the speed of the cutting eaters. If you press the knob, it “pulses.” That was it – apart from the on-off switch. You can’t operate a device more easily, absolutely intuitively. And no one needs more.

The KoMoMix + also has a lot to offer when it comes to safety. Thus, the body has suction feet for an absolutely safe stand. In these rotations, in fact, not unimportant. And that’s not all: The blender only works when the container in the corpus snaps in through a rotary motion. While with other mixers the container can be overturned by a clumsy movement during mixing, all this can’t happen in the case of the KoMoMix + with its multiple security system and locking possibilities!

Finally, it should be mentioned that the KoMoMix + not only looks good, is produced sustainably and is easy to use, but also has a lot of power.

The interplay of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute, 1,400 watts of power, 8 cutting meters, the container locking system and the highest quality components inside the device ensure a truly perfect result, even with the highest demands on the KoMoMix +, as for example in the production of raw food ice cream with frozen fruits.

Of course, the price is not entirely unimportant: With just 499 euros per device in advance, and later 549 euros, the value for money of the KoMoMix + is unique. The competing devices quickly cost 200-300 euros more – at this level of performance, even though they are mostly produced with a lower demand for quality and sustainability!

The specifics

One Touch Button

Super easy operation without complicated programs. Simply turn up and adjust the rotation speed continuously. Then just press the button to stop. To “pulses” also simply press the one-touch button briefly – it really doesn’t get any easier, and no one needs more!

Removable 8-link knife

Especially when you create spreads like hummus, something always sticks to the knife. Cleaning is not even so easy. With the KoMoMix +, you can easily and safely take out the knife. With the cap, you can take out the knife without running the risk of injuring yourself on the knives, in which you turn the plastic nut out on the bottom of the container at the same time. That only takes a few seconds. After that, containers and knives can easily be completely cleaned.

Removable cork handle

We love sustainable materials like cork! And when we developed the container, we wanted to try something extraordinary here as well. The handle made of cork not only feels really good, it is also quite easily removable. So you can put the container wonderfully in the dishwasher. And honestly – the handle looks great, doesn’t it?

Safe operation

How easily can you accidentally bump against the container when using a mixer? Well, that’s going pretty fast – we’ve already “tested” ourselves. With the KoMoMix +, the container must be turned in until it snaps noticeably. Only then is it possible to use it, otherwise … nothing happens at all. In addition, we have attached suction cups to the bottom for a safe stand. Especially when you use a pestle to do that, all of that really pays off.

Made in Austria-fair and sustainable

Most kitchen appliances are produced cheaply in the Far East. No wonder, so the company has much more profit. But that doesn’t fit into KoMo’s corporate philosophy. We want our equipment to be produced as fairly and environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why we assemble our equipment in Austria and Germany and source all the installed parts from Europe – where it goes, even regionally. When purchasing the parts, we even make sure that they are delivered to us as much as possible in a package-free manner. We only have one world, so responsible business is extremely important to us.


Why is the KoMoMix + revolutionary? Take a look for yourself!

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